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Boost your organizational performance

Leadership and team coaching

You can use some help to achieve your most important company goal? I help you to define strategic goals and align them with your company mission and vision. Then I coach your leadership, tech, marketing, sales and HR teams to execute on your strategy with Lean/agile methods like OKRs, Scrum, Kanban, XP etc. For whole teams or just individual leaders, I can be the one to take your company to the next level.


Let me teach your teams how to use OKRs, Agile and Lean practices


Let me teach your teams to execute on your strategy and achieve your goals. With my tailor-made workshops, I can help your organization improve on strategy, goal-setting and agility. The following workshops modules are available:

  • Company Vision and Strategy with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. Innovate workshop to define your strategy.
  • Team Alignment with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. Innovate workshop to improve team alignment
  • Objective and Key Results (OKRs) Foundation. Learn and practice all OKR concepts
  • Strategy execution with OKRs. Teams learn and practice how to move the needle
  • Agile Fluency Diagnostic. Understand how your Agile teams are progressing and what you can do to help them improve.
  • Software Simulation Game. An engaging and fun game workshop to create awareness in the Agile way of working. Try to make as much profit as possible with your software team.

I’m officially certified and licensed to facilitator these workshops. Contact me for a quote if you are interested in one or more modules.


When you need to inspire people on OKRs, Agile and Lean

Speaking about OKRs and more

I speak publicly about OKRs and other lean/agile management techniques. Both on technology and organizational topics. Topics can include: OKRs, lean/agile management, effective software delivery, the future of software development. Contact me if you want me as a speaker or workshop organizer at your conference or event.

Upcoming gigs in 2018 conferences and events:

Agile Slovenia 2018. November 23th
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Past gigs:
OKR Forum Amsterdam 2018. October 25th,
More info: 

ING Backend Summit 2018. Keynote. The future of software craftsmen, October 3rd,

Teqnation 2018. The future is smart, April 26th,
More info: 

OKR Meetup Amsterdam, OKRs for OKR, May 31th
More info:

Agila Budapest 2017, The missing link, Oktober 10th  2017
More info:

OKR Meetup Amsterdam, OKRs for OKR, July 27th 2017
More info:

National Architecture Congress 2016, The bank of the feature: bringing the power of Netflix to banking, 11/18/2016
More info: (Dutch only)

Backbase Connect 2016, CXP 6: Ready for takeoff, 2016
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Backbase Connect 2015, How to become a disrupter, 2015
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