I help your teams to deliver and optimize for value.

I’m Bart, and I love to create, simple and sustainable software solutions that have an impact on our daily lives. Over the years working as a software developer, architect, consultant and more recently coach, I’ve seen just how much software projects fail because of lacking focus, command-control culture, misalignment, and wasteful software and processes. And I passionately believe that by motivating and respecting people we can build teams that can deliver the most amazing solutions beyond everybody’s imagination that will have an impact on our lives. Lets me build these teams, organizations, and software together with you.

Culture will eat your digital transformation strategy for breakfast! 

Therefore, I believe not only in true software craftsmanship and lean software development but also:

over a command-control organization

Learn & adopt mentality
over technical excellence and craftsmanship

Generative culture 
over a pathological culture


I help teams to implement Lean software development and let them deliver value. I talk about these subjects and my values publicly and organize workshops. Join them!

I’m a lean software development expert who helps teams with delivering products that meet business objectives, market needs and user expectations.

bart family

I do not only consult software teams in writing better code, but I still love to code myself in Java, Go and recently in Python. When I’m not helping you with delivering value, I’ll be kitesurfing on the north sea or snowboarding in the mountains. I live together with my beautiful girlfriend and son. Although I’m based in the Netherlands and have family obligations, it’s always possible to discuss my on-site availability. We will figure something out that will work for the both of us.

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