Get lean

Stay focussed on delivering value


When your teams can use help with delivering value.

Deliver and optimize value

I can help to increase the efficiency of your software organization. Make it respond to change in weeks, days or even in minutes. I will mentor your teams exclusively and lead by example.You’ll get me as an extra member of your team. Constantly adding sustainable value. How? I have a unique lean approach that combines tools from Agile and Lean manufacturing with strategic alignment. Is it a trick? Can we learn it? Certainly! But sometimes you need someone from the outside to initiate and boost it.

With the help of my own unique lean approach, I can guide your teams towards a sustainable, profitable and lean software company. I can help with company re-organizations, root cause analysis of waste in your software, process and organization and prescribe pragmatic solutions!


To stay lean with me coaching your teams

I coach teams to deliver and optimize value

Already know how to deliver value? But you need help with optimize for value? Or your teams having problems with software delivery on time and within budget? I coach your software and business teams to get better at Lean software development. I align you company strategy with the team objectives and let them produce and optimize for value. For whole teams or just individual software leaders, I can be the one to take you teams to the next level.


Let me teach your teams how to become hands-on lean

Lean software development workshops

Let me teach your development and business teams to become lean. With my unique hands-on workshops I can help your organization start with lean. I recommend coaching after the workshops to make sure your teams will implement lean correctly. The following workshops are available:

  • Introduction to lean software development
  • Lean software architecture
  • Lean software testing
  • [NEW]Strategy and Lean software development. The missing link.
  • [NEW]Eliminating waste in software development

Contact me if you are interested in one of the workshops


When you need to motivate people to get leaner

Speaking about software engineering

I speak publicly about software engineering. Both on the technology and organizational topics. Topics can include: OKR, architecture, development, testing and company re-organizations. Contact me if you want me as a speaker or workshop organizer on your conference or event.

Upcoming gigs in 2018 conferences and events:

Teqnation 2018. The future is smart, April 26th,
More info: 

OKR Meetup Amsterdam, OKRs for OKR, May 31th
More info:

Past gigs:

Agila Budapest 2017, The missing link, Oktober 10th  2017
More info: 

OKR Meetup Amsterdam, OKRs for OKR, July 27th 2017
More info:

National Architecture Congress 2016, The bank of the feature: bringing the power of Netflix to banking, 11/18/2016
More info: (Dutch only)

Backbase Connect 2016, CXP 6: Ready for takeoff, 2016
More info: 

Backbase Connect 2015, How to become a disrupter, 2015
More info:

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