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Do you want your teams to be aligned, focussed, accountable and high-performing? Even the most innovative companies struggle with these challenges. I’m an independent OKR and leadership coach who helps companies and teams with these challenges to achieve what matters most.

Increase team alignment, focus, accountability and performance

My tailor-made coaching and workshop offerings combine innovative ways to execute strategy, team-alignment, goal-setting and lean/agile transformation. This approach will help to move what matters most for your company. It’s especially designed for software teams but proven to be valuable for other departments.

I’ve already helped companies like ING, Equippo, Ahold Delhaize, Backbase, TWC and KPN. Why wait? Schedule a free intake now and start moving.

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Happy customers

I’ve been fortunate to work with great clients that have left some nice feedback

Michael Rohmeder, CEO Equippo
“Bart knows his stuff. He did a great job explaining the OKR method at Equippo. We appreciated his expertise, down to earth style as well as his personal views on unleashing the full power of the OKR potential, and helping us to be focused on what really matters in OKR implementation.”

Noor Bavinck, Digital Growth Lead
“Working together with Bart @ Gall & Gall has been a great pleasure. Not only did he guide our development teams in working in a more agile way, he set up a clear strategy in diminishing our defect rate and implementing a zero-bug policy. He helped us setting up our OKRs; translating our strategic business goals in clear objectives and key results. His ability to translate complex technical subjects to simplified business decisions has been a real asset to our teams.

davor sauer

Davor Sauer, Lead Software Architect at LeasePlan Digital
“One of those guys who always have a great answer, opinion or advice which will motivate and guide you to move fast forward. Working with Bart last two years was a real pleasure. He always welcomes any developers feedback and take this to the next level. Which in the end produced really nice homogeneous development environment. Bart is a type of architect which each company should have. Reasonable, open for communication and knows what he aims for.”

Leon van Geest, Product Owner Ahold Delhaize
“Bart helped Gall & Gall to make the next steps into Lean IT / DevOps principles. Insights on quality, building a proper pipeline, zero bug policy, the introduction of continuous delivery etc. It was great to see how Bart could challenge development concepts (also during job interviews) and infrastructure choices. Next to development Bart has introduced the principals of OKR’s at business level. Knowledgeable guy, highly recommended.

bart termorshuizen
Bart Termorshuizen, Founder More Awesome
“Bart provides an pragmatic view on software development and architecture, with strong technical skills. He was trusted and respected by the development teams. Working with him was a pleasure and a learning experience.”

olena pupova

Olena Pupova, Software Architect at Backbase
“It was a pleasure working with Bart – he is a great Platform Architect with strong technical competency and excellent ability to think further. He is oriented to make projects done and fit in within time and scope. I am grateful to Bart for all the experience he shared.”

About Bart

Hi, I’m Bart den Haak and I was a software engineer and lead architect for more than 18 years. During my career as a tech guy, I found out that many organizations need to improve their strategy execution. I strongly believe that a good OKR implementation and a lean organizational system can deliver this.

Today I help digital companies to boost their goal-setting implementation and create a system that can move your most important company needle! I regularly speak about these topics on public conferences or private in-house events.

Bart den Haak

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