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Are your teams not focussed, aligned, effective? I’m an independent consultant who helps IT companies and departments to improve their teams by minimal 5-10%.

Improve your Agile team performance by minimal 5-10% per each team!

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Unaligned teams are wasteful and limit you in being operationally excellent. Defects are a constraint for productivity, but you can eliminate them. Building the wrong features make your customers unhappy. All examples of ‘waste’ and much more of it are hidden in your process and software. It will all slow down innovation, time-to-market and it eats your digital transformation strategy for breakfast! Sometimes it is not obvious where waste is hidden. With my unique lean approach, I help teams to discover waste in your software, process or organization so they can deliver more value.

Then I help teams to optimize it! My unique approach combines OKRs, Agile and Lean software development techniques with strategic alignment. My approach will help your teams to deliver a product that meets business objectives, market needs and user expectations. I’ve already helped companies like Ahold Delhaize, Backbase, TWC, Hiscox, ABN AMBRO, KPN, ING and many more. Contact me if you can use my help to deliver and optimize value constantly.

Yes, I want to create operational excellent teams now!

Happy customers

I’ve been fortunate to work with great clients that have left some nice feedback

Noor Bavinck
“Working together with Bart @ Gall & Gall has been a great pleasure. Not only did he guide our development teams in working in a more agile way, he set up a clear strategy in diminishing our defect rate and implementing a zero-bug policy. He helped us setting up our OKRs; translating our strategic business goals in clear objectives and key results. His ability to translate complex technical subjects to simplified business decisions has been a real asset to our teams.

maiiia syta
Maiia Syta
“As a passionate architect Bart helps to analyse the requirements and convert them into the design which meets various customer needs, balancing the goals and constraints on the solution. In particular, Bart introduced and encouraged the research of viable technologies and tools in sake of the product innovation that contributes to the company’s strategy. He participated in day-to-day development and mentored system owners.”

davor sauer

Davor Sauer
“One of those guys who always have a great answer, opinion or advice which will motivate and guide you to move fast forward. Working with Bart last two years was a real pleasure. He always welcomes any developers feedback and take this to the next level. Which in the end produced really nice homogeneous development environment. Bart is a type of architect which each company should have. Reasonable, open for communication and knows what he aims for.”

Leon van Geest
“Bart helped Gall & Gall to make the next steps into Lean IT / DevOps principles. Insights on quality, building a proper pipeline, zero bug policy, the introduction of continuous delivery etc. It was great to see how Bart could challenge development concepts (also during job interviews) and infrastructure choices. Next to development Bart has introduced the principals of OKR’s at business level. Knowledgeable guy, highly recommended.

bart termorshuizen
Bart Termorshuizen
“Bart provides an pragmatic view on software development and architecture, with strong technical skills. He was trusted and respected by the development teams. Working with him was a pleasure and a learning experience.”

olena pupova

Olena Pupova
“It was a pleasure working with Bart – he is a great Platform Architect with strong technical competency and excellent ability to think further. He is oriented to make projects done and fit in within time and scope. I am grateful to Bart for all the experience he shared.”

erik cornelisse
Erik Cornelisse
“As architect and developer he has demonstrated to be an all-rounder who masters the full software development life-cycle.”

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